The Gift – Day 15: Quote Yourself pt3

“We are in a time of social and environmental crisis.

To transform this crisis and ensure the health of the waters, lands, animals and human communities we depend on for survival, we ask ourselves:

How do we need to live?
What skills and tools do we need to know?
How do we work together?

Ancient ancestral wisdoms offer guidance for answering these questions. Much of this wisdom has already been lost or is in danger of disappearing as species, languages and cultures go extinct.”

How does the wisdom of the tarot, and in particular, this gift of three cards, support our endeavors to:

  • ground fully into our own ancestral history and culture?
  • heal the intergenerational trauma in our own lineages?
  • work collectively to transform oppression?

What allies can we call upon from the entire first 13-moon year to support our resilience as we move into year two?

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