The Gift – Day 16: Quit your day job pt 1

keep breathing

inhale exhale

Keep asking the question, who am I? This can bring such overwhelm that the body touches stillness, emptiness, void shadow filled unanswerable realness…


between inhale exhale

breathturn inhale

breathturn exhale

Keep drinking

water is life

native born origin story told

all stories real stories bold

even when untold

flat earth inflated horizon dropping away

gay galactic fantasic smooth drawn ease

another sip please keep drinking

keep eating earth body elegance lands and seas and skies with light shining full, full, full

belly full full full

grace full

especially when mercury is in retrograde

ancestors paved the way for todaii

keep sleeping

dream catcher web with fly mind buzzing prophecy created before the rest


this human crest constantly changing rearranging

lucid realities waking dreams

eyes closed while walking under suns and moons enchantment

alarmed we snooze through it

keep thinking

mind ablaze dazed days hazed a-mazed

craving everything, everything love, missing nothing, nothing wisdom

keep consciousness

close mirrored miracle masterpiece stay naked please

trust even when the cliff has fallen away

canyon fate river weight welter state

streams created chaos order

the ambience of the room where consciousness lives and stay naked please

and if you are meant to get dressed off to work like the rest

lacking everything wanting nothing untold

belly empty breathing consciously to keep eyes open

wider wider wider

Quit your day job

Creative Liberation Now

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