9th Earth Q7 – Qi – quantum inspiration


What a grand vision, if we connect it to all of humanity.

Say, “abundance for all is within our grasp! We will exceed the basic needs of human beings on this planet.”

We have experienced, in our lives, and in our interactions with His-story a few privileged by birth, luck, brutality, or law that have lived in intense disperity to the majority.

Common wisdom tells us, “some things don’t change.” The wealth gap cannot be bridged. What if we began to see where it is being bridged—fast.

Notice where those DIY innovators, philanthropist, thriving communities, tired masses and the rising billions are conspiring to provide water, food, energy, healthcare, education, freedom to all our brilliant minds, bodies and spirits. This is a reminder of the infinite potential of creativity when we tap into our own empathy and experience.

It seems to be now, the time where the flows of abundance replace an era of scarcity.

Can you hear the new ideas forming? Can you see the new technologies developing? Are you hearing the new arrangements and agreements being made that will transform the lives of our children?  Can you imagine the innovations that are coming?

It is possibly audacious to imagine a world where sharing people live in abundance, rather than some dystopian future ravished by ignorance, greed and global warming.

I place my future in the hands of listening, creative, empowered seers of abundant resource, opportunity, capacity, compassion, generosity and time. Those who will introduce practical solutions that address the world’s most dire matters: overpopulation, food, water, energy, education, health care and freedom. The dream and reality of abundance is not fantasy or science fiction, it’s “good news”, it asks us to remember how far we’ve come.


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