15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – the Qompass

03_3rd Fire_Formatted.jpg

“I choose my destination and shape my destiny.”

The Earth’s Magnetic North Pole is always moving,

over the last century it’s continued it’s movement away from the northern most point on the globe and over 620 miles towards Siberia!!!

Compasses are magnets, they respond to the Earth’s magnetic poles, north pulled by south and vice versa, therefore they tell us the magnetic north more accurately then the geographic north.

So, when you are trying to find your way with a compass you will be following the Earth’s electromagnetic fields, created by it’s spin, it’s weight, it’s gravitational relationship with the sun and the galactic center, more than it’s local geographical features and the directional ideas we’ve created to orient ourselves within our narratives of the Earth.

The Third Fire invites you to choose your path. 

Follow less the forms you seek, follow more the energy within them (and within you), follow less the things, and more the spirit (the essence), today is a day to hone your compass for travel further into your destiny.



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