15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – Q2 – perspeQtive

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

Who’s journey is this card depicting?

Do you assume it is the Trimurti, the most human looking creature in this picture?

Read this card as if it belongs to the birds.

Read this card as if it belongs to the trident.

Read this card as if it belongs to the Goat.

The lightening.

The sun.

Something more made by all in this vision, including you.
As you navigate, young ancient traveler, this never ending story,

embrace the nothingness, the source of all things, the great mystery beyond knowing

Practice seeing things from the eyes, hearts, lives, and destinies of others,

blades of grass,


a Black Trans Woman from Chicago who’s just won her seat in City Council with a “super majority” of the vote, over a white cis man trying to ban transgender bathrooms,

see through the sun’s eyes,

through the heart of a mosque,

the fire in a tipi meeting,

the veins of a young man, old so fast, dancing with that Smack Dragon.


Look into yourself to find the reflections of those closest to you, and most different.

Practice wishing them well with all your heart.

Practice loosening and then expanding your own self identity to make room for the complexity, the epic-ness, and the interconnected intimacy of your own path woven into us all.

How do these practices change how you tell the story of (y)our arcing destiny?


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