17th Waxing Half Moon – 3rd Earth – Big Q

03_3nd Earth_Formatted

Time is not Money.

Time is Art.

Art is the fruit of whatever compels life to become.


Art is the process of becoming.


Art is the process of unbecoming, and returning back to the source,

the nothingness, the potential,

the zero point, and resting place,

to a stillness and emptiness

that always exists inside everything.


Art is culture, technology, relationship, nature, …, everything.


Art is silence, emptiness, love.


Art is masterful systems and legacies of oppression,

Art is inevitable uprising pushing evolution further in the arc towards justice.


Art is survival.


Art is life’s natural desire to thrive.


Art is worth.


Worth is not dictated by a clenching entity

desperately bent on accumulating control of your creative source,

or your creative input and output.


Worth is your relationship to your relationship to creativity,

and to what is created from this relationship.


Being, is intrinsically collaborative.

Creating is inherently collaborative.


In true autonomy,

we devote our autonomy to the whole,

and we use our autonomy to focus our agency on choices, actions, and living structures and ecosystems that nourish the whole (of ourselves and our world).


I am the sharpening polishing grind,

the effortless graceful hustle,

the alchemy of synergetic collaboration,

the abundance of right view point, action, and livelihood,

the agency of skillfully applied focus and surrender.


You are Art.

Sit back and enjoy the creative process of your becoming, in each moment.

Actively engage in your creation right now.


Let your creative source be the currency you exchange with itself,

to feed you, house you, fund your projects, play, and travel.

Let your creative source be your bank,

your stock market, your crops, your ecosystem, your source…

Bask in your wealth,

you independently wealthy big(gas ball)er,



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