3rd Earth – Q2 – AQueA

Many peoples world wide, divine the destiny of a child into a name.

Each person’s name signifies their purpose. 

Let me introduce my self:03_3nd Earth_Formatted

I am

the 3rd Earth,

3 of Pentacles;

Aye Que Aye,

Mountain Mover the Single Grain of Sand;

Aye Que Aye,

Hustle in Stillness; 

Aye Que Aye,

Work Work Work Work Work;

Aye Que Aye,

Ritual brings disciple-in; 

Aye Que Aye,

No L’s No L’s – Miss-ter Doing it well;

Aye Que Aye,

Burn Money Like The Sun – The Unowned Coop;

Aye Que Aye,

Go Far Together;


What up. 


Who are you? 



What are some of your Aye Que Aye’s (AKA:Also Known As)?

name the parts of you especially related to work, success (self defined), and collaboration?

copy the hashtag and share some with us here?


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