3rd Earth – Q3 – Quest

03_3nd Earth_Formatted

“I am on the perfect path, I create in integrity with my own being.”


What is and what isn’t in integrity with your own being?


We have been stolen, devoured, and replanted by systems that don’t give a fuck about what’s in integrity with us. 

We have also been on karmic, soul bound, spirit guided, ancestral collective and individual journeys in complete integrity with our beings at the same time. 


How can both be true? 


How can we acknowledge the horrendous, unimaginable, irreconcilable truths of our paths, and the delicious, unbelievable, miraculous perfection of them too?

How can one cosmology, and the whole inner council hold both truths integrated, in integrity?


This is the quest. 

Burn karma, like the newly wealthy burn money.

Invest in liberation, like it’s a new economy…

show us how you do it here…

copy and paste #CLNthesacredhustle

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