The Towers Q2: Question

Things fall apart. 

Plans fail.

Dreams shatter.

Visions falter.

Relationships crumble.

and we continue on, creating new plans, dreams, visions, relationships…new lives.

reflect on events in your life that have felt like a tower falling apart in flames. what would it take for you to re-spect the circumstances — to look again, and discover the miracles that the creative destruction inspired, even amongst the smoldering rubble of the most challenging events from your past?

what is one past circumstance that you are ready to dig through the rubble of and discover the hidden treasure? write, draw, speak, collage, or express in anyway you are inspired -about this event  — you could even simply give the experience a name, as if it is a chapter in the book of your life — and share it with CLN.


16_The Tower_Formated_UPDATE BEFORE PRINT

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