The Towers Q3: Quarry

amidst the rubble of past towers burned and fallen, there are treasures waiting to be celebrated. you’ve named an event in Q2, now it’s time to dig through the rubble, to visit the deep pit of your past and extract some gems. its time to go to the quarry of your memory to Clear Lift and Newly-discover.

set aside 15 mins or more today to visit your “quarry.” read the steps below and use them to inspire your own version of an intuitive moving meditation:

  • begin with deep breaths
  • close your eyes or soften your gaze
  • breath, relax, shake or stretch your body as you are able, releasing tension and filling your body with invigorating air
  • imagine the identified event as a fallen stone tower in ruins that you are slowly approaching. perhaps there is even a pit into which the tower fell.
  • in your mind, approach the ruins, taking in the details of the place — what do you see? are there people there? what does it smell like? is it daytime, nighttime, dawn or dusk? Sunny or cloudy? Warm or cool?
  • as you get closer, slowly open your eyes, keeping the vision of the rubble in your mind, and bringing the sensations with you into the space where you currently are.
  • if you are able, start moving your body as if you are moving through the ruins. climb, descend, and engage with the space around you as if you are really there.
  • follow your intuition and your imagination, and allow one stone to draw your attention. perhaps this stone represents a certain detail of the past circumstance that you can identify, or, perhaps it simply is a stone that stands out for an unkown reason. move towards it in your mind and with your body
  • when you arrive at the stone, touch it, imagine the sensations…is it a rough stone? smooth? cool? warm? warm? hot? still smoldering? how does it feel to touch it? is it small or enormous or partially hidden in the ground? is round or jagged or irregularly shaped? what sensations are in your body as you touch it?
  • breath.
  • sit with the stone, honoring it as a part of your past, and all the emotions that come with revisiting this challenging time in your life.
  • breath.
  • as you breath and feel and give thanks to this stone, you notice that there is something shiny underneath.this is your treasure.
  • breath.
  • when you are ready, imagine and use your body as if you are lifting the stone…it may take a huge effort, or very little at all…take whatever time you need to imagine moving it, and moving your body as if you are really doing so…pushing, lifting, shoving, until you’ve revealed the object beneath it completely.
  • breath.
  • allow your body to move into a comfortable position.
  • sit with the treasure. notice it’s qualities. imagine picking it up if it feels right.
  • breath.
  • what have you found in your quarry?



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