Alchemist Artivist of Earth – q2


Almost half the world’s human population is under 25.

That’s over 3.5 billion youth!!!

It is almost always the youth who spark revolution, who question authority, who tear old paradigms down, and bring in new ones, who change the game.

My teachers say, we are the answered prayers of our ancestors. 

That’s a whole lot of answered prayers in process then!!! 

Please, take today to melt down some bars from the cage of ageism* and build beautiful effigies to the answered prayers present on this earth in this emergent time, charging our collective consciousness with the wisdom of an older, wiser universe, and the volition of the audacious youth. 



13_Alchemist Artivist of Earth_Formatted

*(In the U.S., Europe, and European controlled/heavily influenced countries; Ageism is inevitably amalgamated with white supremacy, abrahamic religion, culture, and governance structures, extractive capitalism, patriarchy, anti-feminine, anti-black and brown, anti-earth, pro dominating, linear, fear based, war centric orientations and the intergenerational complex trauma that follows. Big work for big answers.)

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