AlchemistArtivist of Earth – q3

13_Alchemist Artivist of Earth_Formatted

In a different time, in a different deck, and so in this one too, I am the King of Pentacles. I am the seasoned, balanced, wise, grounded, abundant, kind, generous, practical, thriving KING. A good King, a servant to my people, our liberation bound together. I am the witness, i listen carefully to the will and desire, to the needs and the wants, i watch the patterns and the cycles, the changes, and the consistencies, the essences, and the intimacy of co-creation.  Us Loyal Royal subjects dance through the psychic landscapes and earthly plains to the music from beyond, from within, and from between, until we can’t tell who’s leading and don’t care, and we are surrendered to the long arcing cycles of localized sentient embodiment gathered round an imploded star tearing space time, like “that’s how god dreams”. 

Call on me my mirror, evoke King today. We are the children of our past selves. We are the ancestors of our future selves. What kind of ancestors co-create the kind of child that becomes the kind of King you want to be? 


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