Trusted Universe Q7

There are a lot of ways we are called into trust. Trust that we will wake another day, that our bodies will function properly, that our loved ones will stay safe and alive, that the planet will hold us with kindness and care, and no natural disaster will come and cause dispare. Trust that the sun will rise and the day will end; trust that the experience, perception, and consciousness that we are a part of is real. Trust that the end of suffering is possible and that human beings will find a way to deepen our legacy of peace, love and care for others and the planet. Trust the process, even while grief has overtaken the senses and the many pathways seem to be walled ways. Trust in the power and purging that comes with death and trust in the sacred souled steps of life. So much trust is called forth and given in each moment without thought or remorse. Even when the disaster strikes, we find trust again – trusting that the new day will bring with it just a bit of sacred salve to mend our wounded spirit.

The Trusted Universe is the opening door, the inhale after the exhalation, the first drop of rain after the drought, and the first bite of food after the pang.

CLN invites each of us to share the ways trusting the process has manifest in your life. Creative expression can be the trust fall into a realm of unimaginable truth, what has come through you while learning to trust on the face of this earth…


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