Trusted Universe Q8

The glass frog has transparent skin, so one can actually look inside its body see the beating of its heart and the expansion and contraction of its lungs.

Today, it’s time to spend some time “looking” at our own heart and lungs, organs so essential to our existence and so brilliantly functioning that it can be easily taken for granted that they will keep doin what they do, to simply trust in their continued service without much thought.

take five minutes or more today to deepen your connection with your lungs and heart. Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes or soften your gaze, and entrust all your attention to your breath and your heartbeat. Just breath and be. let the rythyms rock you into a trance. If your mind wanders away from breath and beat, allow a thought of gratitude to return you.

Allow your increased awareness to increase your gratitude and increase your trust in your body’s brilliant ability to take care of you.


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