BuilderOrganizer of Air Q1 – Quality

“I am the impossible, I am the miracle – there are no limits to creation.”

14_Builder Organizer of Air_FINAL.jpg


Check the quality!!! Quality control?!?!

Rest your eyes if you need to unload, release the weight and let gravity hold the planet for a while, then come again with the insight of a child.

CLN wants to give a shout out to the many revolutionaries that have stood up and continue to stand for justice, peace and freedom 7 generations forward and backwards, sideways, up, down – all ways.

Asking questions is a very real way to avoid being cruel; and listening is essential in societies were there are clear social and power disparities; we in CLN find that those in power at times will refuse to take seriously the voices of those with less power; the BuilderOrganizer of Air is an invitation into clear perception and insight. We see the truth and are clear about what we need for a free experience, we are dignified beings who even in oppressive circumstances stand in our power and speak up; we know and understand the facts, are open to being wrong; and listen mindfully to engage skillfully in community; we can see beyond the surface of circumstance to the core of the issues we face; the denial and/ or self-aggrandizement of those with seemingly more power is unable to supplant the embodied experiences we have had or the dignity we walk with.

We are home building! We call in justice and peace…yes justice, yes peace!!!

We ask questions to avoid being cruel…what questions are you asking to show up for those in our shared community? Listen closely, then ask more questions…



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