19th Full Moon – 9th Air – BigQ

09_9th Air_Minor Arcana.jpg


I am your reflection, the 9th Air.

A trinity of trinities.

Eagles, Dragons, and Seed Stones.

Held in flight, talon, and revelation.

We digest each other,

take each other into our bodies, and become in part, the other.

We are what is born of this alchemical eco-system.

Our ego-systems are made by our eco-systems.

We are born to be adaptive shape shifters

with the whole spectrum in our DNA.

From snake to eagle,

to rainbows,


and stones.


We the 9th Air, wield The Sword of the Breaking Storm,

The Harbinger of the Refreshed and Ravaged.

Join the place of your continual birth,

with the needs of your body

and your medicine bundle,

with the vision of our collective and your unique yearnings.

Fly, sink and grow,

let the winds blow you, and your home devour you

know the peace in the eye of the storm,

for you earth warrior

are the storm itself,

called forth from the need for the transformation of an eco-system.




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