9th Air – Q2 – Qaleidoscope

09_9th Air_Minor Arcana

If we tell you a story about a great race of shape shifting Dragon/Snake/and Human like Deities whom are known for their temper, but whom are also known for their devout protection of the dharma and the buddha, whom are unfairly persecuted by ruthless Eagle like Deities, who do you route for?

If we tell you a story about a great race of Eagle/Human like Deities, with the strength of the big bang, with a long list of heroic deeds, honored by the gods, servants to vishnu the 1/3rd of the holy trinity designated to preserve gods creations – and, we tell you they are righteously wiping out evil snakes for their evil deeds, who do you route for? 


Today be multi-perspectival.


Listen to as many sides of the story as you can find.

Find sides that seem like totally different stories even. 

It is time to reclaim the power we have externalized from ourselves

and given to the ones we call enemy. 


Where you belong to systemically oppressed groups,

how far can you venture from the oppressive narratives,

into your own direct experience, and that of your communities,

and into our ancient, and newly blossoming world views?


Where you belong to groups who benefit from these oppressive systems,

seek out the narratives of the oppressed groups,

seek out the narratives that lived before these peoples became oppressed.

Seek out their most radical depictions of what the oppression is, what is has done, and what they need now.


The Buddha helped the Naga and the Garuda make peace for a time. 


How is peace making a source of power and liberation?


Widen your perspective,

through radically identifying with another’s story,

perhaps even one whom you feel justifiably, and deeply wronged, or victimize by.


Widen your perspective,

through radically identifying with another’s story,

perhaps one whom you feel deeply righteous in punishing.


Reclaim some peace, power, and liberation for all peoples today my Multi-perspectival Winged Rainbow Serpent Seed Stone.  


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