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We begin our lives suspended in water.

Think back now and try to envision a time when you were floating in dark, warm water.

What is it like to hardly be able to tell where your body ends and the water begins?

Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Think about how this water is flowing through your veins, pumped by your heart, bringing nutrients and oxygen to your brains.

  • The flow of the blood in our veins is like a coursing river, and the source of this river is your heart, a rushing waterfall. Imagine the water rippling outward from the source into its smaller tributaries–the veins of your chest, legs, arms and fingers. Move like this water moves as it quickly flows.
  • As this river flows, imagine it trickling into your feet, your toes before dropping into subterranean layers, and pools in larger bodies of water like lakes. Move like this resting body of water, imagine how this water rests–smooth on the surface, but always gently swaying below.
  • Settle deeper into the resting lake and infiltrate deep, deep down. Now you are part of the  flow of groundwater, far beneath the surface.
  • Think about how this groundwater trickles slowly, slowly until it percolates into the salty, sandy shores of an ocean.
  • Like our bodies, the Earth is made up of mostly water. The ocean you are now a part of is connected to all seven seas, which cover 70% of our world.  
  • Your body now spans an ocean with waves crashing into rocks & sand. These waves ebb and flow with the tide, pulled by the moon.
  • Imagine now the sunlight connecting with the surface of the water. It’s warm and bright and you are drawn upward toward the sun. Move like the water, tiny molecules, now evaporating from the ocean, lifting up and up and up.
  • As you lift up, imagine that you start to recombine with other molecules of your watery friends in the process of condensation. Together, you form a cloud. Float.
  • But, after a while, more and more of your watery molecular friends come to join you. It gets too crowded and you start to condense and condense and condense until you become rain that falls back down to the earth’s surface like a the monumental waterfall that gives life to all.

What is it like to hardly be able to tell where your body ends and the water begins?


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