BuilderOrganizer of Water – Q5 – Qompostion

I am the BuilderOrganizer of Water, I am compassionate, affectionate and flexible. Stillness and compatibility are necessary when sensitive natured beings are faced with cruelty and conflict in the world. Emotional troubles can create a desire for escape or bring up deep insecurities, this is shadow energy, allow common sense to take charge and be not seduced by a need to throw tantrums. Change is coming, taking the form of new life, new creation or new love. Perception is heightened, so listen closely to one’s own intuition and creativity will arise, allowing dreams to manifest. This is a time for deep compassion and love for oneself and others, look to one’s inner child, and allow imagination to bring forth freedom and youthful inspiration.
“I follow my bliss and am perfectly prepared to achieve my dreams.”

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