The Lovers Q3: Quantum Leap

is there a time in your life when you felt especially filled with self confidence, connected to your sensuality/the eroitc/your sexiness, and overflowing with self love?

perhaps it was when you were a child, or a cocky teen, or a know-it-all 20 something…maybe it was when you were a baby, or a quiet tween, or it happened when you turned 60…or maybe you have no memory of such a thing ever feeling true.

whether it’s a real memory to draw upon or a projection of what is possible, take a quantum leap — time travel through the imagination or meditation or astral projecting or whatever suits you best — into that moment and really take a moment to notice the elements in your life and in yourself that contributed to that super-sense of self love.

jot down a few things that stand out and hold on to them for future reflection. you may need them for your coming quest! =`


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