The Lovers Q4: Qare

Grow out the hair all over your body, get a wooden pick, and some coconut oil (or your favorite body oil); stand in a mirror, and run the pick from head to toe and toe to head and back down to the toes. Rub the coconut oil all over your body and admire the shit out of yourself, literally, all that bull-shit self-hatred, modest – like you ain’t the heir of all the universe, like everthing else. Nah, admire yourself unabashedly you gorgeous muthafatha. God Undam!!!! Once your all coconutted up, run that pick again. Enjoy. Enjoy the fact that your enjoying. Enjoy that your noticing that your enjoying. Smirk at the bourgeois metta practice. Enjoy that your no yippie cuz you smirked. Enjoy silly, enjoy!!!

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