All Ways Open at the Crossroads Universe Q4: Quit

if anything is possible — and many, including the All Ways Open at the Crossroads Universe, say anything IS — what do you WANT?

name it claim it declare it and set to it








DROP the doubt LET GO of the inner naysayers RELEASE the habits that keep you from believing

SURROUND yourself with people who believe WHAT YOU WANT IS POSSIBLE  — better yet, surround yourself with people who are DOING something similar to WHAT YOU DESIRE and celebrate them as role models on your path to grateness

already feeling skeptical of all this positive possibility?

quit it!

thinkin’ “yeah well that’s a nice idea but the systems and institutions and governments are unjust and unfair and oppressive, so how can anything be possible?” this is a tough one…but what if all that is true AND anything is possible, including the dismantling and complete transformation of all those effed up systems?

what if we let it be true in our hearts AND we act on manifesting it?

what if we allow ourselves to dream big as we stand at the crossroads where All Roads Open?

what if we QUIT allowing any thoughts linger in our being that don’t affirm that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE?

then what? 


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