All Roads Open at the Crossroads Universe Q5: Quest

Let’s play a game for this quest.

This game can be played alone or with one or more other people.

It’s kinda like back in the day when the kids at school would say “it’s opposite day” — today’s “dichotomous day” and we’re gonna get our bodies into it.

Start the game by saying this week’s affirmation out loud (as many times and as loud as you desire):

“I am dichotomous serene celestial energy, evoking peaceful intensity.”

then, move your body in a way that represents as many dichotomies as you can think of!

what does contraction and expansion look and feel like in you body? strike a pose or make a movement to represent each

(if you are playing with others you can each be one and then trade)

what does passive and active feel and look like?

how about receptive and intolerant?

or awake and asleep?

what other dichotomies can you come up with?

what do you notice about the similarities and differences in your body?

what can you learn form them and how do they contribute to “peaceful intensity”?

play and play and play and allow for spontaneous creativity to emerge!


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