23rd New Moon – The Mountain GodIs Universe – Q2 – Qommand and Qave in


I am the Mountain Top.

I am The valley Bottom.

I am topping myself; commanding clear, skillful, loving, fierce, will, desire and service.

I am bottoming myself; surrendering into ecstasy, giving up and falling into my all.

I am tipping my top hat to unilateral decisions, bottoming out, and gleefully exclaiming bottoms up to the whole web of life. 
Directional hierarchy is consumed by an intoxicating sober. My will, the blood of the mountain pushes through to all of life as spring, and falls into ocean as lake, river, cloud, rain, and you… 


Top yourself until you bottom. Bottom yourself until you top. Let go of roles and role plays and be it all at once. Until you are fluidly solidly GodIs 


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