The Mountain GodIs Universe Q3: Quest

Today you are invited on a 21 breath quest.

A visualization quest.

A journey of the mind to the tops of the mountain peaks of your greatness and an opportunity to pause, hold your breathe, take it in. On the exhale, traverse back down to the valleys of your greatness where you will pause, hold your exhale, and take it in.

  • Get into a comfortable position.
  • Breathe at your own natural pace.
  • Connect to your greatness, and to whatever you imagine as your highs and lows. Perhaps where you are now, in all your greatness, is the valley, and the peak is the completion of a project you are passionately working on, or it’s you with your future children, or having haled and restored your relationship with your mother. Whatever the peak is, get very clear about what it will feel like once you are there. Visualize how your life will be different, what your body will feel like, what you’ll wear, where you’ll live, how it will feel…everything in as much detail as possible.
  • Also visualize where you are now, all through a lens of gratitude. Celebrate where you live now, how your body feels now, all the amazing skills and gifts you embody right now.
  • When you are ready, breathe in for the count of four. This is your summit to the peaks.
  • At the top of the inhale, hold for four seconds, connecting to all that you visualized about your peak.
  • Exhale for four seconds and return to the bottom.
  • Hold for four seconds, connecting to the blessings of this place.
  • Repeat 20 more times (for a total of 21 ups and downs/inhales and exhales).


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