23rd New Moon – The Mountain GodIs Universe – Q4 – eQ and iQ!

Shall we follow our intellect while climbing the mountain divine, with loose gravel, false peaks, energetic plateaus, altitude sickness and one more, one more one more step to summit our potential.

Shall we follow our eQ while climbing the mountain divine, taking the path well worn, not forgetting a map, asking for help, bringing extra water and food for our health, and to rest when needed.

eQ? iQ?

eQ? iQ?

Maybe what we need is sQ while climbing the mountain divine…or maybe we need all 6: iQ eQ pQ aQ cQ sQ

Intellectual Quotient

Emotional Quotient

Pysical Quotient

Adversity Quotient Creativity Quotient Spiritual Quotient 

Yep, there it is, I would say we need them all, and the intelligences not on this list. How many more Quotients would you isolate? (People have written about the six Quotients above, which do you know, that they haven’t written about)


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