7th Air – Q1 – uneQuivocal

“I am on a clear path; I remember why and for whom I create.”

07_7th Air_FINAL

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing.”

CLN!!! There are so many ways we are powerless, and so many things we can’t change; maybe it’s time we wise up when it comes to futile action.

Here are 3 of 13 human realities and 1 note that calls in an acceptance of futility and uncertainty.

1. We are accountable for what we do, and what we do not do, and to those who are impacted by us. Congratulations, now we are called into interdependent responsibility.

2. Being wrong, messing up and failing are human — we are all volunteering to grow here. Embrace the power of not knowing.

3. Death and life are one — you’re not going to live forever. Be aware of what dies within while living and stop checking your clock and calendar, because neither will let you know when times up.

Here is a Clarifying Love Note: the above is real, and Air to breathe is potentially one of the realist human realities that accentuates our futility.

Oxygen is critical to our survival, and whether you are dealing with a lack of air, polluted air or a physical condition that impacts your lung’s capacity — brain damage or death are often the options if oxygen is cut off for longer than a few minutes. People who suffer from lung related illnesses like emphysema or bronchitis; and people who have drowned or been choked out can attest to this.



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