7th Air – Q2 – Quenchin’

“I am on a clear path; I remember why and for whom I create.”

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing.”

CLN!!! There are so many ways we are powerless, and so many things we can’t change; maybe it’s time we wise up when it comes to futile action.

Here are 2 of 13 human realities and 1 note that call in an acceptance of futility and uncertainty.

4. You can’t please everyone, and there are lessons in love which strengthen with each disappointment.

5. The Joneses always got something you want, and jonesin’ for more because of an impulse for intergenerational survival is real, kick it with a Buddhist and remember, all life is suffering, caused by desire, for which there are solutions; for them its the 8 fold path, for CLN its the fools journey.

Here is a Clarifying Love Note: the above is real, and Water to drink is potentially one of the realist human realities that accentuates our futility. The human body is about 70 percent water, 70 percent like the earth itself. Recognize you won’t last long without that H2O —water is life! Some say we can last a couple days to a week without water, however, in extreme heat situations, you can become dehydrated and begin to experience problems within hours. 

CLN!!! Stay Hydrated

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