7th Air – Q3

“I am on a clear path; I remember why and for whom I create.”

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing.”

CLN!!! There are so many ways we are powerless, and so many things we can’t change; maybe it’s time we wise up when it comes to futile action. Here are 2 of 13 human realities and 1 note that calls in an acceptance of futility and uncertainty.

6. Holding a grudge never has the effect ones hoping for, you might as well drink Box Jelly (jellyfish) venom and wait for your adversary to die. Or, if you simply want to prolong your own pain, keep up the good work of resentment.

7. You can’t control what someone else thinks, and can barely control what you think; stop worrying about what others are saying, doing, thinking, becoming and embrace vulnerability, because that and connection are the foundations of creativity.

Food – Here is a Clarifying Love Note: the above is real, and healthy whole organic food to eat is potentially one of the realist human realities that accentuates our futility. Food, while not quite as critical as water and air, is also key to survival. People who have survived hunger strikes, extended fasts or being starved by others with more power show that humans can live for some time without eating. However, without proper hydration, the body will only last between 40 to 70 days without food.

CLN!!! Eat up…


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