7th Air – Q4

“I am on a clear path; I remember why and for whom I create.”

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing.”

CLN!!! There are so many ways we are powerless, and so many things we can’t change; maybe it’s time we wise up when it comes to futile action. Here are 2 of 13 human realities and 1 note that calls in an acceptance of futility and uncertainty.

8. Yesterday is over, the past is dead and gone, legacies have been recycled, repurposed and re-imagined, they cannot be what they were and you can’t get what was back. There are no re-dos, rewinds, recasts, remakes or revamps. Say yes to today.

9. Sometimes, what’s lost is gone forever and looking for what’s not there makes us miss what’s here.

Sleep & Shelter – Here is a Clarifying Love Note: the above is real, and sleep & shelter are potentially two of the realist human realities that accentuate our futility. Lose a night’s sleep and you’ll be irritable the following day. Go a few nights without sleep and you’ll find it harder to concentrate; you will begin to suffer from delirium, depression and mania; you will begin to get sick more often and eventually might die or kill yourself. Also, shelter to protect you from the  natural elements is key to survival. Nature can be a nightmare when it wants; wind becomes a hurricane, rain becomes a hail storm, snow becomes a blizzard, a hot day becomes a heat wave and to live amongst these phenomenon it is necessary to have proper shelter.

CLN!!! Rest with a roof over head…


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