7th Air – Q5

“I am on a clear path; I remember why and for whom I create.”

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing.” 

CLN!!! There are so many ways we are powerless, and so many things we can’t change; maybe it’s time we wise up when it comes to futile action. Here are 3 of 13 human realities and 3 notes that call in an acceptance of futility and uncertainty.

10. You alone will not change the world, nope, you can’t do it. Try changing yourself first; change your thoughts, change your mind and actions, then lets see what happens. It is inspirational to believe one person can change the world, yet it is and has never been only one, recognize some things are just bigger than we alone can imagine.

11. You can’t change where you come from, your place of birth, the people who made you or the circumstances you’ve been born into. Privilege is real, deny it if you want. And, the excuse of where you’re from will not get you where you’re going, some realities are shitty, use it as fertilizer and grow something worthwhile.

12. Privacy is passé, antiquated and ancient history with technology that is recording everything — nothing is really private anymore. This isn’t changing back to the days of snail paced information sharing, and most likely our privacy will continue to disappear, share the lessons of shadow and light within, and maybe we can learn what’s possible in a world of radical transparency with less privacy in the years to come.

Here is a Clarifying Love Note: the above is real and security & health & income are potentially three of the realist human realities that accentuates our futility. Security

Not only is it vital to have protection from weather elements, it’s also important to have security against attacks of any kind. Encounter one too many wild animals or maniacs with a gun and you won’t live long. Arming yourself in some way against attacks from human and animal predators or having someone who can protect you, provides a sense of security and leads to a longer life.

Good health is not necessarily vital to survival but some level of general health is important. Good health will determine the quality of your life and usually leads to a longer life. A lifetime of healthy habits, including adequate exercise and consumption of nutritious foods, helps extend survival.

Regardless of a society’s currency or unit of trading, a source of income is vital to survival. In some countries, you may not need a significant amount of money to survive due to lower costs of living but you still need some way of paying your bills. Even if ill and unable to work, generous friends and relatives or governmental support is critical. Before the advent of cash, people around the world used goods and services to barter and trade.

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