The Humble Universe -Q1- BigQ

“I stay humble – keep it moving – and am blessed with progress.”


CLN!!! At times humility takes on the form of not knowing and looking for answers in and with others. While contemplating humility in my adult life, I also, began to wonder how humility reflects health; cultural humility, erotic humility, political humility, planetary humility, and so many others. As someone considered an adult, I am in  the progress of recognizing and honoring constantly the humility necessary to honor all people…below is an excerpt from David Richo’s book, How to Be an Adult. What questions and/or declarations come alive in you when reading the below content?

Declarations of a Healthy Adulthood

I accept full responsibility for the shape my life has taken.

I need never fear my own truth, powers, fantasies wishes, thoughts, sexuality, dreams, or ghosts.

I trust that “darkness and upheaval always precede an expansion of consciousness”. (Jung)

I let people go away or stay and am still okay.

I accept that I may never feel I am receiving – or have received – all the attention I seek.

I acknowledge that reality is not obligated to me; it remains unaffected by my wishes or rights.

One by one, I drop every expectation of people and things.

I reconcile myself to the limits on others’ giving to me and on my giving to them.

Until I see another’s behavior with compassion, I have not understood it.

I let go of blame, regret, vengeance, and the infantile desire to punish those who hurt or reject me.

When change and growth scare me, I still choose them. I may act with fear, but never because of it.

I am still safe when I cease following the rules my parents (or others) set for me.

I cherish my own integrity and do not use it as a yardstick for anyone else’s behavior.

I am free to have and entertain any thought. I do not have the right to do whatever I want. I respect the limits of freedom and still act freely.

I overcome the urge to retreat on the brink of discovery.

No one can or needs to bail me out. I am not entitled to be taken care of by anyone or anything.

I give without demanding appreciation though I may always ask for it.

I reject whining and complaining as useless distractions from direct action on or withdrawal from unacceptable situations.

I let go of control without losing control.

Choices and perceptions in my life are flexible, not rigid or absolute.

If people knew me as I really am, they would love me for being human like them.

I drop poses and let my every word and deed reveal what I am really like.

Changes and transitions are more graceful as I cooperate with them.

Every human power is accessible to me.

I live by personal standards and at the same time – in self-forgiveness – I make allowances for my occasional lapses.

I grant myself a margin of error in my work and relationships. I release myself from the pain of having to be right or competent all the time.

I accept that it is normal to feel that I do not always measure up.

I am ultimately adequate to any challenge that comes to me.

My self-acceptance is not complacency since in itself it represents an enormous change.

I am happy as I do what I love and love what is.

Wholehearted engagement with my circumstances releases my irrepressible liveliness.

I love unconditionally and set sane conditions on my self giving.


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