8th Fire – Q2 – Quell

You are the end of the rainbow.

08_8th Fire_FINAL

Sit in a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the floor,

take the Bhairava mudra position with your hands bhairava mudra.jpg

notice which hand most needs cradling from the other.

08_8th Fire_FINAL

You are the end of the rainbow.

Talk to creator and all of creation by talking to the deepest parts inside you. Can you feel that gold? Do you see the rainbow of your hands and arms, ending at your heart?

You have all the energy you need to accomplish your goals with ease and grace, because you are the energy, you are the needs, you are the accomplishments, you are the goals, you are the ease, and you are the grace.

You are the rainbow and the Gold at it’s elusive so called, end.

Bend my love, bend and find it now.



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