8th Fire – Q3 – Qlear and Qreate

08_8th Fire_FINAL

Is there anything between you and your desires right now? Is there anything seemingly thwarting your plans? Is there anything in the way of you feeling alive, free, joyful, safe, whole, satisfied, and in love?

Can you feel anger? Sadness? Fear?

Can you recognize their source, the love these feelings come from?

The love that rages to destroy any threat?

The love that grieves a loss?

The love that constricts to keep something precious safe?

Can you give this love permission within yourself to do it’s bidding?

Can you let the rage be a purifying dragons breath clearing any blocks, self sabotage, or internalized harm?

Can you let the sadness be a coiled nurturing luck dragon, holding your grieving inner child, praising something precious by missing it dearly?

Can you let the fear make you acutely aware of your mortality and therefore extremely present in your body, life, and creative power?

Use the love at the source of all feelings to clear energy from your body and space and distill all the energy into love and then into your life through creation.


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