Masterfool Universe – Q1: qualities q’d (cued)


Welcome to the Masterfool Universe, where paradigms, patterns, prototypes and archetypes shift rapidly; where ideas change with minds at the speed of a visionaries unwinding creativity; where grief is a gift to be unwrapped, at times while weeping; where laziness is patience wrapped in decadence; where anger is an invitation to practice skillful listening and the skillful expression of rage; where cultural humility is the norm when meeting strangers, and strangeness is a sign of potential learning; where I don’t know is a place of power, and knowing is half way over the edge of possibility; where equity is an emergent process; where mindfulness, is joined by mindlessness and mindfoolness; where the full expression of erotic energy is revolutionary; where consent is necessary, and oh so fun; where spirit is distilled through ceremony, and oh how drunk we get on love; where bodies are just and we celebrate our sexy; where we are many and one; where we are today, yesterday and tomorrow; and where with every breath, heartbeat, heartache, we are aware of ourselves as an expression of the Multiverse-Masterfool!!!


Share what dignified divine Qualities can be located in the Masterfool universe?



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