Masterfool Universe -Q2 – Quest Q’d

Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance. – Samuel Johnson

We at CLN began our journey almost 4 years ago, grieving our sick, dying and dead; reflecting on the hero’s journey and asking ourselves how do we harness our elemental powers as avatars. We have built homes, business, connections and dreams over these years, dealing with the loss of our illusions and the birth of our creativity with 13 fools journeying with us as allies through the multiverse. This journey has challenged us each in different ways, primarily in the manner that we were already challenged; bringing to the forefront of our minds that which we are actively working with, clearing, integrating, forgiving, grounding, and manifesting. At times such a struggle, putting our attention and energy in and on other things, using our energy to manifest other people’s dreams; not having the stability we believe we need, worried and overwhelmed, so complaining seems to be the solution; or wondering all over the place in order to get away…what a journey, and here we find ourselves at the height of this game, the Masterfool manifest as present. Music, Art, Collaboration, Food, Family, Fun and the suffering that seems to continue to come…we here at CLN, call each other, and others, into being creative and getting free through creativity. So today you are invited to ask yourself and someone else: What is Creative Liberation Now?

Today we say it’s Perseverance and no excuses…

#clnCoCreators #clnMasterfulMasterfool


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